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Padding is easy to overlook, but did you know that the quality of padding you choose can greatly affect the life of your carpet?  There are many types of padding, but Knight's Flooring will direct you toward the padding that best suits your needs and your budget.

Our best sellers are Shaw St. Jude’s Air Plush and St. Jude's Hope moisture barrier padding, along with the 6 lbs. 7/16" rebond padding.  Ask for samples so you can feel the difference.  The upgraded St. Jude’s padding not only blocks moisture, but is also antimicrobial and able to block stains from seeping into the core.   If you purchase Shaw carpet, the Air Plush padding adds 10 years to the carpet warranty.  St. Jude's Hope padding adds 7 years to the carpet warranty.   
Shaw St. Jude's Air Plush padding is sold for $0.79 per square foot.
Shaw St. Jude’s Hope padding is sold for $0.61 per square foot.
If you prefer the 6 lbs. padding, the price drops to $031 per square foot.